Nicole Hunt

Nicole Hunt

Property Manager

With almost 10 years in our office, Nicole brings a professional and completely honest approach to ensure that her landlords and tenants alike, are in the best possible hands. Nicole's efficient, no fuss approach to property management has helped hundreds of landlords get the most from their investment property


I found Barlow McEwan Tribe encouraging and not to give in unless a fair and genuine offer was made

- Antonia Magri - Maidstone Street, Altona (May 2018)

Excellent job!

Excellent, job well done. Thanks to all the staff

- Barry Hunter - Pine Drive, Altona Meadows (July 2018)

Excellent Staff

BMT is an active real estate agent in Altona. It has been here for many years and knows the area and the market trends. Their staff are excellent.

- John Shaw - Bracken Grove, Altona (August 2018)